Whiplash injuries occur when the muscles and ligaments are stretched beyond their limits at a high rate of speed. Whiplash has also been referred to as “Cervical hyperextension/ hyperflexion injury” or “Cervical acceleration/ deceleration syndrome”. This injury is typically associated with a variety of complaints including: neck pain, headaches, shoulder/arm pain, numbness/tingling, muscle weakness, jaw pain, visual disturbances, dizziness, low back pain, ringing in the ears, difficulty sleeping, hypersensitivity to light or noise, fatigue, impaired cognitive function, diminished concentration, irritability, and memory loss.

The most common cause of whiplash is auto accidents. Over 80% of people involved in a car accident will suffer whiplash symptoms.

Things MVMT can do to Treat Whiplash

  • Class IV Cold Laser therapy
  • Joint manipulation / chiropractic adjustment
  • Manual therapies
  • Massage
  • Dry needling