How IDD Therapy Works

 Our IDD tables will provide computer-monitored spinal mobilization, which will play an integral role in your rehabilitation process. Treatment is aimed toward mobilizing, manipulating, and re-educating specific spinal segments. Our doctors have determined the specific spinal segments to treat through your examination. This system and technology is designed to target and significantly mobilize, manipulate, and distract targeted spinal structures in order to retone, restructure, and re-educate. The forces applied to the spine create changes in pressure which facilitates blood flow through the disc. Fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients flow in while waste products are removed. Simply speaking, our goal is to decompress the intervertebral disc and facet joints. This will unload the intervertebral disc and create more space for the nerves and joints.

Treatment plan

Clinical experience and clinical trials have shown that twenty (20) sessions over a six (6) week period is necessary to achieve dramatic results along with long-term relief. This number of treatments has been shown to introduce enough change to prevent relapse of the original dysfunctional state.

There will be progress evaluations every 5th or 6th visit. This will allow your doctor to assess your individual response to the selected parameters. Your doctor may change parameters of your treatment based on your progress.

Possible Adverse Effects

After treatment, possible adverse events may include increased stiffness or muscle spasms. The likelihood of these events occurring in the initial stages of treatment (1-5 visits) is greater than in the later stages. Thorough icing and light activity may help reduce the risk of these effects. Icing 10-20 minutes once an hour in the first 2-3 hours post-session is recommended. Light activity in the form of walking or your prescribed exercises is recommended.
Please contact the office or your treating doctor if any unusual symptoms are experienced

What to expect from your daily sessions

Each visit you will be asked to answer a few questions pertaining to your condition. This is an outcome assessment for you and your doctor and it will help us detect improvements over your treatment plan.

One of our team members will help harness you and firmly fit you to the table for your session. They will also input the appropriate treatment parameter set forth by your doctor.
Each session will last around 25-30 minutes long. Following your session we may recommend immediate icing, lasting roughly 15 minutes.

Please allow for 45 minutes to an hour for your appointment.